Keevil Timeline

The below time line was discovered courtesy of the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre.

Period Roman structures built. It is unclear if it was a farm, a villa or a Roman army encampment
964 At this time Keevil was called 'Kefle Wirtrim'
1000s St. Leonards church was built at this time
1086 At this time Keevil was called 'Chivele'
1089 First record of a church in Keevil
1211 At this time Keevil was called 'Kivele'
1359 Rectory built
1395 First record of the bells of St. Leonards church
1500s Pinkney farm built in the latter half of the century
1510 The golden chapel built
1560 Keevil manor house built
1600s Blagdon house built in the mid 1600s
1700s The Keevil church clock built
1700s The Lamb-on-the-Strand inn was built
1752 The building that would become Keevil's toll house was built
1790 Mere farm built
1800s The Crown Inn recuilt and re-named the Crown and Rose
1828 Daniel Bayley was robbed and murdered by another Keevil resident, Moses Angel
1833 The Methodist church built
1835 78 individuals or families in Keevil were in the work house
1842 Fieldhead house built as a vicarage
1852 George Taylor adds to his will that he will be leaving £3,000 to buy bread for the poor, and
cakes for children every year
1859 The Keevil district horticultural society established
1881 17 people are killed by a violent storm
1913 Coople Church unearthed
1921 The war memorial built
1933 The Beach Arms inn closes
1939 A fire destroyed three cottages on Martins Road- ten people were left homeless
1939 Mere farm demolished to make way for the new Keevil Airfield
1940 Spitfire fighter planes are built in Keevil
1940 Womens Institute formed
1942 Keevil airfield opened
1944 Planes from Keevil airfield take part in D-day
1949 Keevil cricket club formed
1950 Keevil Drama group's first performance: 'A Midsommer Nights Dreame'
1959 The Rose and Crown closes
1961 The Silver Treads club started
1983 The Keevil gramaphone society founded
1986 Keevil neighbourhood watch started
1988 Keevil Methodist church closes
1990 A book of Keevil- volume 1 published
1991 Veterans of WW2 who served at Keevil airfield returned to Keevil for the first time since
the end of the war.
1998 Artifacts dating back to beetween 900AD and 1100AD uncovered
2002 A book of Keevil- volume 4 (the final edition) was released

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