The Keevil Society

Next Meeting AGM 7pm 1st December - Village Hall


Your village – Your Society

A village society run by resident for residents – come along and have your say, join our friendly gatherings, take part in our outings and events.

Quarterly meetings in the Village Hall with our AGM every year in September.

If you want to know what’s going on come along and join us.

About “The Keevil Society”

“The Keevil Society” was founded on the 20th July 1987.

 2012, the founding year of our new website is also the 25th anniversary of the society.

The original and founding aim of the society was to stimulate interest and care for the beauty and character of the village among those who live here, a collective desire to keep Keevil unique in its own small way.

This, of course, remains a key aim of “The Keevil Society” today.  Keevil is, and must remain, an oasis of peace and tranquillity in an increasingly hectic world and surely we, as people who live in the village and surrounding parish, must all want that to continue as one of the features that we love so much about the village.

Today we recognise that the village has changed, the people have changed and many of the buildings and places in the village have changed as well – a bad thing? Not necessarily. Our job in the “The Keevil Society” is to speak out on those issues that we, as villagers, believe will affect our village in a bad way – and that in a nutshell is why we exist.

Aside from representing village views we also want to play our part in village life – interesting and informative speakers at our meetings, exciting events for all to take part in and helping, as much as we can, to support each other around the village.

If you love life in Keevil please come along and join us, you cannot afford to miss out.



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